class praw.models.LiveThread)#

Provides a LiveThread stream.

Usually used via:

for live_update in"ta535s1hq2je").stream.updates():
__init__(live_thread: praw.models.LiveThread)#

Initialize a LiveThreadStream instance.


live_thread – The live thread associated with the stream.

updates(**stream_options: Dict[str, Any]) Iterator[praw.models.LiveUpdate]#

Yield new updates to the live thread as they become available.


skip_existing – Set to True to only fetch items created after the stream (default: False).

As with LiveThread.updates(), updates are yielded as LiveUpdate.

Updates are yielded oldest first. Up to 100 historical updates will initially be returned.

Keyword arguments are passed to stream_generator().

For example, to retrieve all new updates made to the "ta535s1hq2je" live thread, try:

for live_update in"ta535s1hq2je").stream.updates():

To only retrieve new updates starting from when the stream is created, pass skip_existing=True:

live_thread ="ta535s1hq2je")
for live_update in