Useful Apps/ScriptsΒΆ

Here are some scripts that people have contributed so far. Feel free to edit this page to add in more.

PRAWtools by BBoe
A collection of tools that utilize PRAW. Two current tools are modutils a program useful to subreddit moderators, and subreddit_stats, a tool to compute submission / comment statistics for a subreddit.
AutoModerator by Deimos
A bot for automating straightforward reddit moderation tasks and improving upon the existing spam-filter.
A website that displays reddit stories under the guise of Python or Java code.
reddit Notifier for Gnome3
Integrates with Unity and Gnome Shell to display new reddit mail as it arrives.
Link Unscripter
A bot for replying to posts <and comments, eventually> that contain javascript-required links to provide non-javascript alternatives.
Examines a redditor’s posting history and creates a comment with a nice activity overview. ClockStalker uses an older version of PRAW, the reddit, module. It should, but may not, work with the latest version of PRAW.
Butcher bot by u/xiphirx
Handles routine tasks on r/Diablo such as the removal of images/memes and bandwagon-esque titles.
r/diablo flair infographic generator by u/xiphirx
Creates beautiful infographics.
Groompbot by u/AndrewNeo
Posts new videos from YouTube to a subreddit.
newsfrbot by u/keepthepace
Parses RSS feeds from some major french publications and posts them to relevant subreddits.
A relatively lightweight script for automating reddit moderating tasks. It was written as a simpler alternative to AutoModerator by Deimos.
A bot that automatically manages giveaway. One feature gives out product keys to the first N commenters.
A simple challenge-queue submission bot for r/DailyProgrammer. Users submit challenges through a Google Documents form, then the bot crawls said form, posting the appropriate challenge on the appropriate day of the week.
The management bot for the r/TheDailyPrompt reddit community. Main functions include managing a queue of prompts, posting prompts daily, and posting suggestion threads weekly.
VideoLinkBot by u/shaggorama
A bot that aggregates video links in a response comment where multiple videos links appear in reply to a submission (uses a slightly out-of-date version of PRAW, currently requires Submission.all_comments_flat).
reddit-analysis by u/rhiever
Scrapes a specific subreddit or user and prints out all of the commonly-used words in the past month. Contains a data file containing a list of words that should be considered common.
AlienFeed by u/Jawerty
AlienFeed is a command line application made for displaying and interacting with reddit submissions. The client can return a list containing the top submissions in a subreddit, and even open the links up if you’d like.
ALTcointip by u/im14
ALTcointip bot allows redditors to gift (tip) various cryptocoins (Litecoin, PPCoin, Namecoin, etc) to each other as a way of saying thanks.
RedditAgain by Karan Goel
Migrate an old reddit account to a new one. Backs up existing content and submissions, and copies subscriptions to a new account.
reddit-cloud by Paul Nechifor
Generates word clouds for submissions (or users), posts them to Imgur and the URL to reddit. It’s what I run on u/WordCloudBot2.
Reddit-to-Diigo-Copier by Doug
Copies your reddit saved links to a Diigo account of your choice. Makes use of PRAW and the Diigo API.
NetflixBot by `Alan Wright
<>`_ Parses comments for calls and determines if a movie is availble for streaming on Netflix. Makes use of PRAW and the NetflixRouletteAPI. Run on u/NetflixBot.
RemindMeBot by `Joey
<–>`_ Called upon with the RemindMeBot! command on any subreddit, the user is able to set a reminder for themselves about the current thread or comment. The bot will then send them a private message with the date they specified. u/RemindMeBot.
Massdrop Multi Bot
A bot which made Massdrop available for everyone and then grew into an assortment of different fixes for links that regularly get mistakenly used, like Gfycat, Massdrop and Subreddit-Names in titles.
`Reddit Keyword Tracking Bot
<>`_ by Jermell Beane <requires Kivy> A bot that will watch any subreddits and email you with updates when it finds words that matter to you. settings are configured via a GUI making it easy for people who don’t know how to edit python scripts.
<Your Script Here>
Edit this page on github to add your script to this list.

Note: The following use very outdated versions of the API. Don’t expect them to work with the latest version.

comment tracker
Repeatedly looks at new reddit comments and can take an action if they meet a specified condition. The example use I gave is replying with an automated message if the body of a comment contains a certain word. <Novelty accounts, anyone?>
account cloner
Given two logins and passwords, it will transfer all of the saved links and subscribed subreddits from the first account to the second.
comment generator
Pulls comments from reddit, puts them in a Markov chain, and periodically outputs random statuses. The statuses can be viewed here.