Change Log

4.0.0 (2016/11/29)


  • Fix bug where ipython tries to access attribute _ipython_canary_method_should_not_exist_ resulting in a useless fetch.
  • Fix bug where Comment replies becomes [] after attempting to access an invalid attribute on the Comment.
  •[...] converts the passed in page name to lower case as pages are only saved in lower case and non-lower case page names results in a Redirect exception (thanks pcjonathan).

4.0.0rc3 (2016/11/26)


4.0.0rc2 (2016/11/20)


  • authorize() properly sets the session’s Authentication (thanks @williammck).

4.0.0rc1 (2016/11/20)

PRAW 4 introduces significant breaking changes. The numerous changes are not listed here, only the feature removals. Please read through Quick Start to help with updating your code to PRAW 4. If you require additional help please ask on /r/redditdev or in the praw-dev/praw channel on gitter.




Only prominent changes are listed here.


  • Removed Reddit‘s login method. Authentication must be done through OAuth.
  • Removed praw-multiprocess as this functionality is no longer needed with PRAW 4.
  • Removed non-oauth functions Message.collapse and Message.uncollapse is_username_available.
  • Removed captcha related functions.

For changes prior to version 4.0 please see: 3.4.0 changelog