class praw.models.Collection(reddit, _data=None, collection_id=None, permalink=None)

Class to represent a Collection.

Obtain an instance via:

collection = reddit.subreddit('SUBREDDIT').collections('some_uuid')


collection = reddit.subreddit('SUBREDDIT').collections(

Typical Attributes

This table describes attributes that typically belong to objects of this class. Since attributes are dynamically provided (see Determine Available Attributes of an Object), there is not a guarantee that these attributes will always be present, nor that they will be the only attributes present.

Attribute Description
author The Redditor who created the collection.
collection_id The UUID of the collection.
created_at_utc Time the collection was created, represented in Unix Time.
description The collection description.
last_update_utc Time the collection was last updated, represented in Unix Time.
link_ids A list of Submission fullnames.
permalink The collection’s permalink (to view on the web).
sorted_links An iterable listing of the posts in this collection.
title The title of the collection.
__init__(reddit, _data=None, collection_id=None, permalink=None)

Initialize this collection.

  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.
  • _data – Any data associated with the Collection (optional).
  • collection_id – The ID of the Collection (optional).
  • permalink – The permalink of the Collection (optional).

Provide a way to iterate over the posts in this Collection.

Example usage:

collection = reddit.subreddit('SUBREDDIT').collections('some_uuid')
for submission in collection:
    print(submission.title, submission.permalink)

Get the number of posts in this Collection.

Example usage:

collection = reddit.subreddit('SUBREDDIT').collections('some_uuid')

Follow this Collection.

Example usage:


See also unfollow().


Get an instance of CollectionModeration.

Provides access to various methods, including add_post(), delete(), reorder(), and update_title().

Example usage:

collection = reddit.subreddit('SUBREDDIT').collections('some_uuid')
collection.mod.update_title('My new title!')
classmethod parse(data, reddit)

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.
  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.

Get the subreddit that this collection belongs to.


Unfollow this Collection.

Example usage:


See also follow().


This list of attributes is not complete. PRAW dynamically provides the attributes that Reddit returns via the API. Because those attributes are subject to change on Reddit’s end, PRAW makes no effort to document them, other than to instruct you on how to discover what is available. See Determine Available Attributes of an Object for detailed information.