class praw.models.Subreddits(reddit, _data)

Subreddits is a Listing class that provides various subreddit lists.

__init__(reddit, _data)

Initialize a PRAWModel instance.

Parameters:reddit – An instance of Reddit.

Return a ListingGenerator for default subreddits.


Return a ListingGenerator for gold subreddits.


Return a ListingGenerator for new subreddits.

classmethod parse(data, reddit)

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.
  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.

Return a ListingGenerator for popular subreddits.

recommended(subreddits, omit_subreddits=None)

Return subreddits recommended for the given list of subreddits.

  • subreddits – A list of Subreddit instances and/or subreddit names.
  • omit_subreddits – A list of Subreddit instances and/or subreddit names to exclude from the results (Reddit’s end may not work as expected).
search(query, **generator_kwargs)

Return a ListingGenerator of subreddits matching query.

Subreddits are searched by both their title and description. To search names only see search_by_name.

Parameters:query – The query string to filter subreddits by.
search_by_name(query, include_nsfw=True, exact=False)

Return list of Subreddits whose names begin with query.

  • query – Search for subreddits beginning with this string.
  • include_nsfw – Include subreddits labeled NSFW (default: True).
  • exact – Return only exact matches to query (default: False).

Return list of Subreddits whose topics match query.

Parameters:query – Search for subreddits relevant to the search topic.

Yield new subreddits as they are created.

Subreddits are yielded oldest first. Up to 100 historical subreddits will initially be returned.

Keyword arguments are passed to stream_generator().