Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I refresh a comment/subreddit/submission?

A: Directly calling the constructors will refresh the value:


Q: Whenever I try to do anything, I get an invalid_grant error. What is the cause?

A: This means that either you provided the wrong password and/or the account you are trying to sign in with has 2FA enabled, and as such, either needs a 2FA token or a refresh token to sign in. A refresh token is preferred, because then you will not need to enter a 2FA token in order to sign in, and the session will last for longer than an hour. Refer to Two-Factor Authentication and Code Flow in order to use the respective auth methods.

Q: Some options (like getting moderator logs from r/mod) keep on timing out. How can I extend the timeout?

A: Set the timeout config option or initialize Reddit with a timeout of your choosing.