• Access Token: A temporary token to allow access to the Reddit API. Lasts for one hour.

  • Creddit: Back when the only award was Reddit Gold, a creddit was equal to one month of Reddit Gold. Creddits have been converted to Reddit Coins. See this for more info about the old Reddit Gold system.

  • Fullname: The fullname of an object is the object’s type followed by an underscore and its base-36 id. An example would be t3_1h4f3, where the t3 signals that it is a Submission, and the submission ID is 1h4f3.

    Here is a list of the six different types of objects returned from reddit:

    • t1 These object represent Comments.

    • t4 These object represent Messages.

    • t6 These object represent Awards, such as Reddit Gold or Reddit Silver.

  • Gild: Back when the only award was Reddit Gold, gilding a post meant awarding one month of Reddit Gold. Currently, gilding means awarding one month of Reddit Platinum, or giving a Platinum award.

  • Websocket: A special connection type that supports both a client and a server (the running program and reddit respectively) sending multiple messages to each other. Reddit uses websockets to notify clients when an image or video submission is completed, as well as certain types of asset uploads, such as subreddit banners. If a client does not connect to the websocket in time, the client will not be notified of the completion of such uploads.