class praw.models.reddit.removal_reasons.SubredditRemovalReasons(subreddit: praw.models.Subreddit)

Provide a set of functions to a Subreddit’s removal reasons.

__getitem__(reason_id: Union[str, int, slice]) praw.models.reddit.removal_reasons.RemovalReason

Return the Removal Reason with the ID/number/slice reason_id.


reason_id – The ID or index of the removal reason


Removal reasons fetched using a specific rule name are lazily loaded, so you might have to access an attribute to get all of the expected attributes.

This method is to be used to fetch a specific removal reason, like so:

reason_id = "141vv5c16py7d"
reason = reddit.subreddit("NAME").mod.removal_reasons[reason_id]

You can also use indices to get a numbered removal reason. Since Python uses 0-indexing, the first removal reason is index 0, and so on.


Both negative indices and slices can be used to interact with the removal reasons.


IndexError if a removal reason of a specific number does not exist.

For example, to get the second removal reason of the subreddit "NAME":

reason = reddit.subreddit("NAME").mod.removal_reasons[1]

To get the last three removal reasons in a subreddit:

reasons = reddit.subreddit("NAME").mod.removal_reasons[-3:]
for reason in reasons:
__init__(subreddit: praw.models.Subreddit)

Create a SubredditRemovalReasons instance.


subreddit – The subreddit whose removal reasons to work with.

__iter__() Iterator[praw.models.reddit.removal_reasons.RemovalReason]

Return a list of Removal Reasons for the subreddit.

This method is used to discover all removal reasons for a subreddit:

for removal_reason in reddit.subreddit("NAME").mod.removal_reasons:
add(message: str, title: str) praw.models.reddit.removal_reasons.RemovalReason

Add a removal reason to this subreddit.

  • message – The message associated with the removal reason.

  • title – The title of the removal reason


The RemovalReason added.

The message will be prepended with Hi u/username, automatically.

To add "Test" to the subreddit "NAME" try:

reddit.subreddit("NAME").mod.removal_reasons.add(message="Foobar", title="Test")