class praw.models.reddit.comment.CommentModeration(comment)

Provide a set of functions pertaining to Comment moderation.


Create a CommentModeration instance.

Parameters:comment – The comment to moderate.

Approve a Comment or Submission.

Approving a comment or submission reverts a removal, resets the report counter, adds a green check mark indicator (only visible to other moderators) on the website view, and sets the approved_by attribute to the authenticated user.

distinguish(how='yes', sticky=False)

Distinguish a Comment or Submission.

  • how – One of ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘admin’, ‘special’. ‘yes’ adds a moderator level distinguish. ‘no’ removes any distinction. ‘admin’ and ‘special’ require special user privileges to use.
  • sticky – Comment is stickied if True, placing it at the top of the comment page regardless of score. If thing is not a top-level comment, this parameter is silently ignored.

Ignore future reports on a Comment or Submission.

Calling this method will prevent future reports on this Comment or Submission from both triggering notifications and appearing in the various moderation listings. The report count will still increment on the Comment or Submission.


Remove a Comment or Submission.

Parameters:spam – When True, use the removal to help train the Subreddit’s spam filter (default: False).

Remove mod, admin, or special distinguishing on object.


Resume receiving future reports on a Comment or Submission.

Future reports on this Comment or Submission will cause notifications, and appear in the various moderation listings.