class praw.models.ListingGenerator(reddit, url, limit=100, params=None)

Instances of this class generate RedditBase instances.


This class should not be directly utilized. Instead you will find a number of methods that return instances of the class:

__init__(reddit, url, limit=100, params=None)

Initialize a ListingGenerator instance.

  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.
  • url – A URL returning a reddit listing.
  • limit – The number of content entries to fetch. If limit is None, then fetch as many entries as possible. Most of reddit’s listings contain a maximum of 1000 items, and are returned 100 at a time. This class will automatically issue all necessary requests (default: 100).
  • params – A dictionary containing additional query string parameters to send with the request.

Permit ListingGenerator to operate as an iterator.


Permit ListingGenerator to operate as a generator in py2.

parse(data, reddit)

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.
  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.