class praw.models.reddit.emoji.SubredditEmoji(subreddit)

Provides a set of functions to a Subreddit for emoji.


Lazily return the Emoji for the subreddit named name.

Parameters:name – The name of the emoji

This method is to be used to fetch a specific emoji url, like so:

emoji = reddit.subreddit('praw_test').emoji['test']

Create a SubredditEmoji instance.

Parameters:subreddit – The subreddit whose emoji are affected.

Return a list of Emoji for the subreddit.

This method is to be used to discover all emoji for a subreddit:

for emoji in reddit.subreddit('praw_test').emoji:
add(name, image_path)

Add an emoji to this subreddit.

  • name – The name of the emoji
  • image_path – A path to a jpeg or png image.

The Emoji added.

To add 'test' to the subreddit 'praw_test' try:


Return the object’s fullname.

A fullname is an object’s kind mapping like t3 followed by an underscore and the object’s base36 ID, e.g., t1_c5s96e0.

parse(data, reddit)

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.
  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.