class praw.models.CalendarConfiguration(reddit: Reddit, _data: Optional[Dict[str, Any]])

Class to represent the configuration of a Calendar.

Typical Attributes

This table describes attributes that typically belong to objects of this class. Since attributes are dynamically provided (see Determine Available Attributes of an Object), there is not a guarantee that these attributes will always be present, nor is this list necessarily complete.

Attribute Description
numEvents The number of events to display on the calendar.
showDate Whether or not to show the dates of events.
showDescription Whether or not to show the descriptions of events.
showLocation Whether or not to show the locations of events.
showTime Whether or not to show the times of events.
showTitle Whether or not to show the titles of events.
__init__(reddit: Reddit, _data: Optional[Dict[str, Any]])

Initialize a PRAWModel instance.

Parameters:reddit – An instance of Reddit.
classmethod parse(data: Dict[str, Any], reddit: Reddit) → Any

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.
  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.