class praw.models.reddit.collections.SubredditCollectionsModeration(reddit: praw.Reddit, sub_fullname: str, _data: dict[str, Any] | None = None)#

Class to represent moderator actions on a Subreddit’s Collections.

Obtain an instance via:

__init__(reddit: praw.Reddit, sub_fullname: str, _data: dict[str, Any] | None = None)#

Initialize a SubredditCollectionsModeration instance.

create(*, description: str, display_layout: str | None = None, title: str) praw.models.Collection#

Create a new Collection.

The authenticated account must have appropriate moderator permissions in the subreddit this collection belongs to.

  • description – The description, up to 500 characters.

  • display_layout – Either "TIMELINE" for events or discussions or "GALLERY" for images or memes. Passing "" or None will make the collection appear on Reddit as if this is set to "TIMELINE" (default: None).

  • title – The title of the collection, up to 300 characters.


The newly created Collection.

Example usage:

my_sub = reddit.subreddit("test")
new_collection = my_sub.collections.mod.create(title="Title", description="desc")

To specify the display layout as "GALLERY" when creating the collection:

my_sub = reddit.subreddit("test")
new_collection = my_sub.collections.mod.create(
    title="Title", description="desc", display_layout="GALLERY"

See also


classmethod parse(data: dict[str, Any], reddit: praw.Reddit) Any#

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.

  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.