class praw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditWiki(subreddit)

Provides a set of wiki functions to a Subreddit.


Lazily return the WikiPage for the subreddit named page_name.

This method is to be used to fetch a specific wikipage, like so:

wikipage = reddit.subreddit("iama").wiki["proof"]

Create a SubredditWiki instance.

Parameters:subreddit – The subreddit whose wiki to work with.

Iterate through the pages of the wiki.

This method is to be used to discover all wikipages for a subreddit:

for wikipage in reddit.subreddit("iama").wiki:
create(name, content, reason=None, **other_settings)

Create a new wiki page.

  • name – The name of the new WikiPage. This name will be normalized.
  • content – The content of the new WikiPage.
  • reason – (Optional) The reason for the creation.
  • other_settings – Additional keyword arguments to pass.

To create the wiki page praw_test in r/test try:

    "praw_test", "wiki body text", reason="PRAW Test Creation")

Return a ListingGenerator for recent wiki revisions.

Additional keyword arguments are passed in the initialization of ListingGenerator.

To view the wiki revisions for "praw_test" in r/test try:

for item in reddit.subreddit("test").wiki["praw_test"].revisions():