class praw.models.MultiredditHelper(reddit: praw.Reddit, _data: dict[str, Any] | None)#

Provide a set of functions to interact with multireddits.

__call__(*, name: str, redditor: str | praw.models.Redditor) praw.models.Multireddit#

Return a lazy instance of Multireddit.

  • name – The name of the multireddit.

  • redditor – A redditor name or Redditor instance who owns the multireddit.

__init__(reddit: praw.Reddit, _data: dict[str, Any] | None)#

Initialize a PRAWBase instance.


reddit – An instance of Reddit.

create(*, description_md: str | None = None, display_name: str, icon_name: str | None = None, key_color: str | None = None, subreddits: str | praw.models.Subreddit, visibility: str = 'private', weighting_scheme: str = 'classic') praw.models.Multireddit#

Create a new Multireddit.

  • display_name – The display name for the new multireddit.

  • subreddits – Subreddits to add to the new multireddit. Can be a list of either Subreddit instances or subreddit display names.

  • description_md – Description for the new multireddit, formatted in markdown.

  • icon_name – Can be one of: "art and design", "ask", "books", "business", "cars", "comics", "cute animals", "diy", "entertainment", "food and drink", "funny", "games", "grooming", "health", "life advice", "military", "models pinup", "music", "news", "philosophy", "pictures and gifs", "science", "shopping", "sports", "style", "tech", "travel", "unusual stories", "video", or None.

  • key_color – RGB hex color code of the form "#FFFFFF".

  • visibility – Can be one of: "hidden", "private", or "public" (default: "private").

  • weighting_scheme – Can be one of: "classic" or "fresh" (default: "classic").


The new Multireddit object.

classmethod parse(data: dict[str, Any], reddit: praw.Reddit) Any#

Return an instance of cls from data.

  • data – The structured data.

  • reddit – An instance of Reddit.